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Shipping & FAQ'S

Day & Ross Terminal Locations

Day & Ross Terminal Locations 

Bundutec is delivered by Day & Ross 
Find your closest Terminal on the Link above for Shipping to hub or Residential delivery 

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What is the warranty?

Bundutec has a one year mechanical warranty from the date of original purchase.

Wild Coast Tents- Bundutec.ca will repair or replace, at its option, any defects during the warranty period.

This warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear, or to damage or cosmetic blemishes sustained during use.

In the event that the tent must be returned to us for inspection and repair/replacement, the owner must assume the cost and liability of freight.

Shipping damage is the responsibility between tent owner a freight company.

Claim Instructions:


Provide us with digital images showing conclusive proof of the defect Submit proof of date of original purchase. Please note the warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, tampering, unreasonable use or normal wear and tear.  


All our shipments are transit insured. 

Should your delivery arrive in a damaged condition, please do not accept the shipment, without advising the courier and making sure they note the damage on the delivery form. 

File a claim immediately with the courier company and please inform us ASAP.


Please do not Sign or accept any Damaged products as it becomes yours and there is nothing Wild Coast Camping Gear Inc. can do to claim it damaged through the shipper! 


 We only ship internationally to the U.S.A. at present  

International orders are shipped via Day & Ross  trucking company  

Orders shipped outside Canada. will likely incur brokerage fees, customs fees, tariffs, duties, and/or other fees imposed by your country.  

Wild Coast Tents Inc. (Bundutec.ca) is not responsible for these fees,and we have not included them in your shipping charges.  

You will have to pay these fees.  If you refuse a package, we will subtract from your refund any fees and additional shipping charges that we incur. 

If you have any doubts about additional fees, please contact your local customs office before you place your order.  

Over sized and heavy items may incur additional shipping charges and in some cases may not be shipped internationally. You will be contacted if additional charges apply.



 What is BunduTop made from?

The tent is full aluminium construction and a durable Riptech canvas. The tent seals completely when closed and gives a full dust/water proof seal.

We use a 300gsm Riptech canvas that is UV resistant to prevent fading. The wrap-around awning is at a 45° angle so that you can have ventilation in poor weather with maximum water deflection.

Our mesh is coated in a rubber compound making it extremely flexible and durable.

The roof of the BunduTop is raw aluminium sheet to ensure maximum heat reflection and is the main reason you can sleep more comfortably, cool inside even in direct sunlight.

The 2000lbs Winch Motor lifts and lowers the tent with the use of 3mm Dyneema Rope on a pulley system.

The foam backed roof-lining absorbs moisture and condensation but if you are going to extremely cold areas we do recommend putting a carpet as insulation under the mattress as very cold temperatures creates additional condensation.

The frame built into the bottom of the tent provides additional strength and makes it versatile to mount. It can be bolted directly to your load bars or roof rack.

 What is BunduAwn made from?

The awning is full aluminium construction and a durable Riptech canvas with a reflective surface.



Why does internal condensation occur?  

The main source of tent condensation is your breath. When you sleep at night, you exhale about 1 liter of water when you exhale. That water vapor is trapped by the outermost wall of your tent or shelter because it has no place to go. If there are 2 people in the tent, then you have to deal with 2 liters of tent condensation, and so on as you add more people.  Storing wet clothes, wet gear, or cooking in a tent can also contribute to internal condensation. So can sleeping near a stream, lake or other wet area when it’s humid and there’s no wind at night. 

How can you prevent condensation from occurring?  

Leave your windows on a crack at night to get as much ventilation as possible.  If water vapor can escape out a vent, window or door, you can significantly reduce or eliminate the amount of tent condensation that occurs. Where you camp also plays a role, if it is near water open the windows more condensation is likely. Conditions, ventilation, size, number of occupants, and mode of setting it up all have rather drastic effects on the amount of condensation. In other words, sometimes you can’t prevent condensation because the weather conditions just plain suck. :-)  

What if it’s raining?  

You can still leave the tent windows open on a crack  



Can you ship my order on the day that I place it?  

Orders are typically processed and shipped in 1-2 business days.  

If I place my order on a Friday, when will it ship?  

Typically, orders placed on Friday -- ship out the following Monday.   

From where will my order ship?  

From our location in Nova Scotia


Will I receive tracking information for my order?   

You will receive order tracking information via email.   

Are there fees associated with a cancelled order? 

If you place an order online via credit card/Paypal and then decide to cancel it, there will be credit card fees charged of 3%   

Any shipping charges will not be refunded if the product has been shipped

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